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Haworthia Attenuata Dark Green

Haworthia Attenuata Dark Green

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Product Specifications

Pot Diameter: 3"
Pot Height: 3"
Plant Height above Pot: 2"-6"
Growing Medium: Enriched Cocopith (Cocopith with NPK), coco chips, husk, charcoal, perlite

Product Weight: 150 grams.


Plant Specifications

Other Name(s): 
Type: Indoor Plant
Sunlight Requirements: Thrives indoor when placed in indirect bright sunlight.
Watering: Once in 5-7 days when the potting medium is dry.
Fertilising: Fertilise with NPK based fertiliser once in 15-20 days to keep maintain the fresh and healthy plant. 
Pruning: No pruning required. Baby shoots can often be found near the mother plant. You can repot them into a new pot without damaging the roots. 
Repotting: Repot into a pot larger by 2-3 inches after 10-12 months if the plant over grows current pot.


Know your plant

Succulents are known for their draught tolerant nature. They grow best when watered less frequently. Over watering will lead them to rot easily. Make sure they receive ample indirect sunlight.


Decorative: Being tiny and cute, they are the perfect table décor when there is a lack of space.

Terrarium: They are commonly used to make open and closed terrariums.

SAM-free: We use a special weightless SAM (Soil and manure free) mix. It has a superior drainage prevents plants dying due to overwatering. Also, pest attacks are rare in our potting mix.



Watering: Make sure you water the plant only when the potting medium is slightly dry. 
Sunlight: Make sure the plant gets adequate bright indirect light, but not direct sunlight. 


Common Problems and Solutions:

Root rot: This happens when the plant is overwatered. Root rot is the most common issue faced by new plant parents. People tend to over water indoor plants like they would water outdoor plants or gardens. Also, make sure the pot has proper drainage holes to allow excess water flow out.
Mealy Bugs: These are found of the foliage and stems of indoor plants during hot days. They generally are transmitted from outdoor plants. The only solution is to manually wipe them off with a wet cloth. 
Crispy Brown Leaves: When the plant is exposed to direct sunlight the heat burns the leaves and they turn crispy and brown in colour. Make sure the plant is placed in shade/ indoor where it gets only bright indirect sunlight and not direct sunlight.
Brown Tips: This occurs when the plant lacks nutrients/ light. Place the plant in bright indirect sunlight and feed them with NPK based nutrients.

Dropping leaves: The leaves drop when they are over or under watered and when they receive low light.

Soggy leaves: The leaves turn soggy when the plant is over watered. Cut off the leaves if they are beyond retrievable. Check for excess water stored in pot.


Disclaimer: Actual plant may have slight variations from what is shown in the image since each individual plant has its own appearance.


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