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Air Plant - Tillandsia (Triclour)

Air Plant - Tillandsia (Triclour)

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Air Plant – Tillandsia (Tricolour)


Product Specifications

Plant Height: 1"-2"
Growing Medium: Grows in free air

Product Weight: 50 grams.


Plant Specifications

Other Name(s): Tillandsia/ Air Plant Green
Type: Indoor Plant
Sunlight Requirements: Thrives indoor when placed in indirect bright sunlight.
Watering: Once in 7 days spray on the leaves of the air plant
Fertilising: Spray NPK based fertiliser once in 30 days to keep maintain the fresh and healthy plant. 
Pruning: No pruning required. Baby shoots can often be found near the mother plant. They can be separated carefully without affecting the roots.


Know your plant

Air Plants are one of the most unique species of plants. They grow without any growing medium with just air sufficient for them to grow.

They are generally hung using strings or placed in glass containers decorated with pebbles and toys.




Watering: Make sure you water the plant only when required. Do not let the plant to dry.  
Sunlight: Make sure the plant gets adequate bright indirect light, but not direct sunlight. 



Common Problems and Solutions:

Rot: This happens when the plant is overwatered. The plant rots when it is watered in excess or when the roots are exposed to water for a prolonged time. Make sure the air plant doesn’t soak in water for a long time.
Crispy Leaves: When the plant is exposed to direct sunlight the heat burns the leaves and they turn crispy and brown in colour. Make sure the plant is placed in shade/ indoor where it gets only bright indirect sunlight and not direct sunlight. The other reason is when the air plant is under watered.



Disclaimer: Actual plant may have slight variations from what is shown in the image since each individual plant has its own appearance. 








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