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Desert Rose Adenium Bonsai

Desert Rose Adenium Bonsai

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Adeniums are beautiful outdoor flowering plants which has a bulky base. The plant bears flowers almost throughout the year if they receive proper sunlight. 

Perfectly suited for a tropical country like India. 

Blooms throughout the year in cities like Chennai where there is a good amount of sun throughout the calendar.  

Basic Description:

Pot size: 5” diameter and 5” height 

Plant Height: 12” from pot. 18” from ground

Weight: 300 grams (Pot and Plant included)

Potting Medium: Coconut husk, cocopith, nutrients (NPK)

Plant Care: 

  • Light: Requires bright direct light to maintain vibrant colour. Blooms when it receives full sun 
  • Water: Water thoroughly once in 4-5 days and let it dry a bit before watering again
  • Fertilizer: Use NPK based fertiliser once in 15-20 days as per the prescribed quantity to maintain colours and boost growth of flowers 


  • Avoid keeping in dark rooms with no light or ventilation
  • Avoid over-watering the plant
  • Do not water the plant frequently
  • Do not over fertilise the plant
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