About Us

Why Dream Green?




There are so many plant nurseries and road side vendors who sell plants. But what separates us from the rest?

Quality over Price. 

We make sure we are always a step ahead of Plant Nurseries and Garden Stores by continuously improving the standards. 

Ever experienced your plants picked from local nurseries died off too soon? Don't find your plants to be attractive? Mentioned below are the major reasons for that.



1. Growing Media: 

Dream Green is the first Garden Centre in Chennai to use Soilless Enriched Premium Quality Potting Mix. An icing on the cake is the fact that it has all European Certifications and is exported across the world.
Using this cocopith based soilless medium, our plants are More Attractive, Less Prone to Diseases, Weightless, Easy to Handle, Presentable and stays healthy for longer.
On the other hand, most Nurseries use soil that is illegally extracted from any part of the earth which in most cases is not suitable for plants, attracts insects, prone to diseases and plants don't last too long.


2. Tissue Culture Plants:

At Dream Green, we use tissue culture plants. These plants are scientifically proven to be better since they are not prone to diseases or pest attacks. More over, tissue culture plants generally are more attractive as they grow bushier and compact
The plants found in local nurseries are generally propagated by stem or leaf cuttings. This means the plant grows to become a tall stick surrounded by a few leaves. Also, if the parent plant is prone to disease or pest attack, the new plants are prone too.


3. Potted Plants: 

At Dream Green,  all our plants are grown in plastic pots and are carefully arranged in racks categorically based on the light and water requirements. This makes sure that the plants stay fresh and presentable.

In nurseries, most plants are grown in black poly bags. At the first sight of entering a nursery, one would tend to lose interest to pick a plant as the plastic bags make the plant look unattractive.


Visit our Garden Mall in Korattur or our Garden Boutique in Adyar and see for yourself!