Plants in Ceramic Pots - Customization

Unleash the artist inside you @ Dream Green!


Create your own art with attractive ceramic pots, plants, miniature toys, pebbles at Dream Green. Customize your planter the way you want.

Setting up a glass terrarium and maintaining plants in them is definitely a rocket science for many! So we recommend you to pick a longer or a wider ceramic pot and decorate it to look like a terrarium.


Choose your Ceramic Pot

Choose from 100+ varieties of Chennai’s largest Ceramic Pot collection. From a simple and plain 2 inch pot to exotic animal shaped pots, Buddha themed pots, bonsai pots, and larger 12 inch pots based on your requirement.

Choose the combination of plants to be potted

Choose the right combination of plants from a wide range of 50+ plants, bonsai, bamboo, succulents and cactus. We recommend you to check if the combination of plants will work together.

Add miniature dolls

Surround your plants with cute miniature dolls, huts, mushrooms, etc to add an aesthetic appeal

Add pebbles around

Finally, add some colour to your creation by filling the empty spaces with colourful pebbles.

Your art is now ready