Plants as Gift


Green Gifts are the need of the hour. Plant gifts lasts longer and adds special value to the one who receives it while also benefiting the environment. 



Planning to gift someone special something, but not sure of what to gift? Live plants are the perfect gift for all occasions, be it a birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day, house warming, graduation and so on.


Choose a plant, customize it in a ceramic pot, wrap it up in a bouquet and add your message. The PERFECT GIFT is ready!


Choose from a large variety with price ranging from Rs. 150.00 to Rs. 5,000.00!


Want to treat your guests with a special gift on a special occasion like wedding, birthday party, house warming, etc.?


We offer a wide range of attractive potted indoor plants in colourful plastic/ ceramic pots.


These plants are grown in plastic pots and stored in trays to make sure the plants remain attractive, healthy and aligned.


To add further value to the gift, we present them in bouquet on which you can add your customized message.

Delight your guests with the PERFECT RETURN GIFT!

Prices starting from Rs. 50.00 onwards in plastic pots. Customized Return Gifts in Ceramic pots at Rs. 150.00 to 5000.00 range.

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