Q: Do the plants come in pots or plastic polybags?

A: No. All our plants come in black/ brown/ white plastic pots.


Q: What soil do these plants come in?

A: Dream Green is Chennai's first garden store to eliminate soil. We use premium export quality soil-less potting mix made from coconut coirpith. It is weightless, easy to handle, resistant to disease, does not attract insects, does not dirty or stain the floor, and overall, the set of pot, plant and potting mix look more presentable.

Q: Are the plants natural?

A: All our plants are live and natural. We do not deal with artificial and plastic plants.

Q: What is the shelf life of these plants?

A: The plants can stay for at least 9-12 months in the existing pot. If maintained properly, plants are perennial and can last for years.


Q: Do you sell potting mix (soil), fertilizers, insect repellents, etc?

A: Yes, we market and sell our own brand of premium enriched soil-less potting mix, organic fertilizers, insect repellents, etc.