Dream Green's Enriched Products

At Dream Green, we manufacture and market a wide range of products like soil-less potting mix, fertilizers, etc. under our brand Dream Green Enriched Products. All our products are free from soil and chemicals, making them light in weight, organic and harmless to the nature.

One of the major concern we care about is the environment. Usage of Red Soil for plants has been depleting the earth of soil, while it is also generally illegal when extracted without license.

On the other hand, tonnes of cocopith waste is generated on a daily basis, especially in Tamil Nadu.

Owing to these reasons, we have come up with a Wealth out of Waste product, Soil-less Cocopith Growing Media to grow plants.

All our products are enriched with substrates to add further value.

Quality is the most important factor on which we will never compromise at any cost.

Please find below the products manufactured/marketed by Dream Green:

  • Enriched Soil-less Potting Mix
  • Enriched Decomposed Cocopith
  • Enriched Vermicompost Manure
  • Enriched Farmyard Manure
  • Enriched NPKulite
  • Enriched Humiculite

Our products can be purchased by retail customers and re-sellers.