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Office Plant Packages Nothing brightens a room quite like beautiful natural live plants! Welcome your clients, customers, and employees alike in a dash of green interior by having beautiful office tabletop or floor plants. By incorporating natural plants into the design of your interior you will create a more positive living environment. Whether you’re looking for tabletop or floor plants for an office, hospitality, or retail space, we will provide you with greenery that stimulates the senses and enhances the visitor experience. Revive your Office with Green Plants Office environment is sometimes way too boring and monotonous. One always needs some fresh & lively environment to work effectively. But most of the people aren’t much aware or are least bothered about adding office plants. It is indeed a very good option to keep the environment in the office lively and cheerful throughout the day by adding some airpurifying plants. Benefits of Office Plants Indoor plants will add a relaxing, natural element to your place of business. Studies conducted (both in the United States and Europe) have shown that occupants find solace in well-maintained interior landscaping. The sight of lush greenery not only relaxes the inhabitants of interiors but also purifies the air of harmful toxins, radiations, bad odors and pollutants. Plants improve the work efficiency, productivity and reduce work stress in employees. Plants also decrease the noise levels indoors. In Feng Shui and Vastu plants are often used as buffers against sources of negative energy such as sharp corners. Greet visitors with flourishing tabletop or floor plants that reflect your distinctive brand identity. Our Rolling Nature design consultants will listen carefully to your individual needs and assist you in selecting the best tabletop plants in containers as well as floor plants with pots. Freshen up drab reception areas or greet guests with carefully selected plants that reflect the vision of your brand. Low Maintenance Indoor Plants If you are in need of live indoor plants for your office, then Dream Green has the right selection of indoor plants that will fair well in the light and air conditions of your work space. After a thorough research and testing we have shortlisted the plants that grow well without the needed plant maintenance and care indoors. There are plenty of different types of indoor office plants that work well in low light situations, require less watering than other plants and generally have lower maintenance needs. We help you find suitable low maintenance indoor plants that will thrive in your unique interior environment. Our experts will be able to help you determine what types of low maintenance indoor plants might be best for your needs. Plant Packages for Offices made Simple You want to make a difference to your workplace with plants that stimulate the senses. But you need it to be quick, easy and affordable, too. Our office plant packages are designed to help you add some green to your office from the comfort of your own desk. Some plant packages we offer include: Classic Plant Package – Eight plants in containers in Brown/ Maroon/Black quality Plastic Pots. Option 1. Good Luck & Air Purifying Table Top Plant Classic Package: Eight Table Top Plants: 3 layer lucky bamboo, Jade, Money Plant (Any), Spider Plant, Syngonium (Any Type), Sensiviera, Golden Fern and Exotic Flowering Peace Lily Option 2. Air Purifying Table Top & Floor Plant Classic Package: Five Table Top plants + 3 Floor Plants: Table Top: Money Plant, Aglaonema, Spider Plant, Syngonium (Any Type), Exotic Flowering Peace Lily and Three Floor Plants: Rubber Plant, Two Areca Palm Contemporary Plant Package- Twelve Plants in glossy, high grade colored plastic containers. Twelve plants in Colorista /Rainbow/ Ivy containers. (Color as per availability or preorder one month in advance with your color choice). Option 1. Contemporary Air Purifying Table Top Plants Package -Twelve Table Top Plants: Golden Fern, Jade, Variegated Money Plant, Golden Money Plant, White & Green N’joy Money plant, Spider Plant, Syngonium Green, Syngonium Pink, Exotic Flowering Peace Lily, Dracena, Aglaonema Red and Sensiviera. Option 2. Contemporary Ornamental Plants Package – Twelve Table Top Plants: Aralia, Desert Rose Bonsai/Adenium, Peperomia, Croton, Dracena, Dieffenbachia, Asparagus Fern, Ficus Triangularis, Zamia, Peacock plant, Cryptanthus and Dracena. Just choose a package and you’re good to go! We can customise the plant packages as per your requirements.Our tram will get back to you to discuss what’s best for your office. And whichever packages you decide on, we’ll ensure your displays are at their stunning best. Still not sure which plants are best for your needs or how many to get? Simply submit the enquiry form on this page and we'll get right back to you to discuss your needs. Mail us at or Call us at 9789035733 Please see the list of plants we recommend for office plant packages. Recommended Indoor Plants List Good Luck Plants Bamboos: Lucky Bamboo 2 Layer, 3 layer, 4 Layer, 5 Layer, Braided Ribbon, 3 layer and 5 Layer Pyramid, Fengshui Wheel, 2 stalk, 3 Stalk, 5 stalk arrangements Money Plant: Green White N’Joy Money Plant, Green Variegated Hybrid Money Plant, Golden Pothos/Golden Money Plant Syngonium: Green Variegated Syngonium, Pink Syngonium, Syngonium Red Line, White Syngonium Peace Lily Jade Aglaonema Air Purifying Plants Aglaonema/ Chinese Evergreen: White Green Aglaonema, Red Green Siam Aurora Aglaonema Money Plant: Green White N’Joy Money Plant, Green Variegated Hybrid Money Plant, Golden Pothos/Golden Money Plant, Moss Stick Money Plant Syngonium: Green Variegated Syngonium, Pink Syngonium, Syngonium Red Line, White Syngonium Peace Lily Spider Plant Sensivieria (Snake Plant) Fern: Green Fern, Boston Fern Areca Palm Gerbera (Flowering) Rubber Plant Ornamental/ Decorative Plants Aralia Desert Rose Bonsai/Adenium Christmas Tree Peperomia Croton Dracena Dieffenbachia Asparagus Fern Ficus Triangularis Zamia Calladium Schefflera Peacock plant (Calathea) Cryptanthus Poinsettia Not finding the plant you wished for! Let us know and we will get it for you. Let us know your requirements and we will be happy to assist you!
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