The curious case of Lucky Jade Plant - Drooping Leaves

Jade plants are extremely attractive and are supposed to bring good luck according to Feng Shui. The leaves resemble pearls and are bright green in colour. Their thick leaves are because they are succulents by nature. In spite of being a easy to grow plant, some people experience the plant losing its leaves very quickly. What causes the leaves to droop? Most websites claim Jade Plant to be an indoor plant, which is actually a myth! JADE PLANT IS AN OUTDOOR PLANT!! Going by this, people put their Jade Plants indoors or in their office cabinets. Due to lack of light, these plants lose their leaves and eventually die. These plants thrive when exposed to bright direct sunlight. Also, water them regularly as the plant gets dried up in the sun faster generally. When kept outdoor, these plants do extremely well. They look more attractive in mini hanging pots. Tip: Jade plants can be grown into bonsai without much effort. Trim the leaves on a regular basis to let it remain short while the base grows fatter. Order Jade Plant online at Dream Green or visit our stores across Chennai to buy one.
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