Soil-less Potting Mix in Chennai for the first time!

  In India, majority of the people grow plants in soil while most developed countries have already ditched growing plants in soil several years ago for several reasons like:
  • Easy handling
  • Weightless
  • Eco friendly
  • Boosts plant growth due to better water holding capacity, aeration, etc
  • Presentable and attractive
  • Disease free
  • Less prone to insect attack
  • Waste to Wealth converted product
  • Extraction of Soil harms the earth and is illegal in many places
  • Eco friendly in nature
Dream Green is the first garden store in Chennai to go 100% soil-less. All the plants at Dream Green are grown in Cocopith based organic mixture containing Vermiculite, Perlite and NPK. This helps the plant growth while being presentable, weightless and easy to handle in nature while being less prone to diseases and pest attacks. We are also the first in Chennai to market and sell pre-packed Cocopith based potting mix which is fully enriched with fertilizers and making it ready to use to grow vegetable and ornamental plants without any extra add ons. To know more, drop in at any of the Dream Green outlets or buy online Call us at +91 9789035733 | 9840819883 | 9840693358.  
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Hi I was looking for some potting soil found this option interesting are you supplying at this time

Gaurav Rao

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