Corporate Gifting

Dream Green is one of the leaders in the Corporate Gifting segment in Chennai when it comes to plants. We have a ready stock of 5,000 gifting plants at any point in time to ensure smooth execution of orders. The occasion may be anything – a festival, achiever’s meet or a seminar for delegates. We offer a wide range plant gifts for any occasion. Plants as gifts to employees and delegates represents a sign of a growing connection. We not only provide you with plants, we also make sure they are presentable in appearance by wrapping them up with bouquet which can also bear a logo of the company. The plant gift may range from Rs. 50 to Rs. 5,000 depending upon the plant, packaging, pot, volume, etc.. We offer a wide range of plants starting from basic Lucky Bamboo, Money Plants, to the exotic Orchids which can be presented in simple plastic pots or attractive ceramic pots.
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