Beginners's Indoor Plants - Chennai

Air pollution is a major threat to the households of Chennai while is also inevitable. Indoor air quality in India, especially Chennai is one of the worst in the world. But is there a solution to this problem? NASA has come out with a list of air-purifying plants which can improve the indoor air quality by a great extent after a detailed research. Afraid that you might end up killing some plants? We can fix that for you. We have a variety of indoor plants which are extremely hard to kill. So if you don't have a green thumb and want to try growing some plants, these ones are for you, Buy 4 of these plants in attractive pots at as low as Rs. 750 in a combo offer. 1. Snake Plant/ Sanseveria/ Mother in Law's Tongue:  According to NASA, this plant is one of the best air purifying plant. They filter the air by Formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, and benzene present in the air. These are one of the very few plants that can also produce oxygen in the night, making them ideal for bedrooms. These plants are practically impossible to kill. This also makes them suitable for the bathrooms. 2. Zamia/ ZZ Plant/ Zamia Palm Zamia or ZZ Plant or Zamia Palm can absorb oxide chemicals in the air like Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Monoxide from the air. These plants, like the Snake Plants are impossible to kill, There is a myth that only the Zamia Plants were able to survive the Hiroshima bombings. These plants also emit oxygen in the nights making them suitable for bedrooms, 3. Areca Palm Areca Palms are tall growing plants that freshens up the indoor air quality by continuously emitting oxygen and removing toxins from the air. These plants are ideal for living rooms and can add an elite ambiance. 4. Money Plant/ Golden Pothos/ Neon Pothos/ Scindaspus Njoy Commonly known as Money Plant, these 3 varieties of Pothos are not only easy to grow and maintain, but also extremely appealing to the eye. Their bushy leaves cleanses the indoor air. You can purchase these 4 plants for Rs. 750 from any of the Dream Green outlets. Contact: +91 9789035733 | 9840819883
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